Thinking about installing a garden pond or whether you have an existing garden pond you need to decide whether you are going to install a filter system. If you want crystal clear water then the answer to that question would be yes you do need a filter. There are many different filters out there but we stock three different types in particular.

1.All In One Filters

These all in one filters are so compact and neat. They also double up as a feature in the middle of your pond. All in one filters are suitable for the smaller garden pond so if your pond is on the smaller side then this is the one for you. As these filters are placed in your pond it also eliminates any digging outside your pond for a larger filter and you also don’t need to cover it up. Not only do these all in one filters provide clear water and oxygen for your garden pond it also adds a fabulous feature.

2. Box Filters/Flow Through Filters

Box filters are suitable for small or large garden ponds. Box filters are gravity fed meaning that the box must be placed above water level. They also are on the bulkier side so usually need to be disguised in some way so that they don’t take away from the ponds design. This can be done in any creative way you like but one idea would be to incorporate your box filter with a stream or waterfall. Doing this allows you to hide the box filter but also allows the filter to do two jobs as the water is pumped from the garden pond up to the top of the stream and flows back down in to the pond creating a feature and crystal clear water. Even though box filters are on the bulkier side there is a pro to this. When the water enters the chambers of the box filter, as it is larger the water stays longer in the bio media which in turn cleans the water very effectively before the water returns to the garden pond.

3. Pressure Filters   

Pressure filters are suitable for small or large garden ponds. Pressure filters are much more compact than a box filter and the majority of these filters can be hidden underground with some rockery around the top of the filter. As these filters are pressurised they can be positioned almost anywhere around the pond. These filters also have an easy cleaning system. All you have to do is turn the handle on the top and pump up and down and this cleans the sponges inside which is a big pro when it comes to maintaining your garden pond.

All of the mentioned filters above have the same goal which is providing crystal clear water. They all come with a UV bulb installed which is vital for the break down of algae. It is important to note that when choosing the correct size of filter you must firstly determine how many litres of water your garden pond holds. The second thing is to determine is whether you are going to have fish in your pond or whether you already to have a fish stocked pond. The reason for this is because if a filter states that it is suitable for a pond up to 9,000L this means a pond that has 9,000 litres of water without fish. If your pond has fish then this size is cut in half and this 9,000L filter would actually be only suitable for a pond with 4,500 litres of water with fish.  Another important note is that if stock koi in your pond then a filter system is highly recommended as koi fish thrive in a well oxygenated filtered pond.

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The Garden Ponds Team xx