We have a vast range of water features made from materials such granite, marble and natural rock. After you have decided which water feature is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space it is then to the difficult bit – the fitting 🙂 We have put together a step by step guide which hopefully help with the installation.

1. Put the Reservoir on top of the ground. Use some sand to make an outline (Picture 1). Remove the Reservoir and dig a hole. Don’t worry if you dig a bit bigger!

2. Put a layer of sand at the base. Place Reservoir in the hole making sure it is Level and about 1″ above the ground. (This will stop any soil from falling into the reservoir)

3. Add a mixture of Sand & Cement into the hole, filling up the gaps that is between the reservoir and the soil. This is to support the Reservoir and stop it from warping.

4. Place the submersible pump in the Reservoir, with the cable towards the back and the pump towards the front.

5.  Attach the Hose to the submersible pump and tighten with a jubilee clip.

6. Feed the Light Cable from the top of your Water Feature, feeding all the cable out of the bottom.

7. Place the lid on the Reservoir base & feed the hose through the hole in  the centre of the lid. Place your Water Feature onto the lid and feed hose up through the Feature, coming out at the top. Attach the light into the hose top.

If the Drill Hole in the Water Feature is bigger than the hose wind some insulation tape around the hose. Feed back down through the Feature making sure it is a snug fit. This will help to hold the hose in place and to stop water falling back down inside your Feature.

8. Place the access cover onto the lid and Fill the Reservoir with Clean water, Rainwater is best.

10. Plug in the pump to a power source. The submersible pump is adjustable so regulate the flow. Remove Access cover and regulate the flow of the pump, anti-clockwise to reduce flow or clockwise to increase.

11.Connect the Light Cable to the Transformer and tighten.

12. Cover the lid of the Water Feature with Cobbles so that the lid is completely covered.