Xtreme Max CP50 Pond Filter



Xtreme Max CP50 Pond Filter

This filter has all the benefits of a multiple chambered filter system in one.

The Lotus Xtreme Max CP50 pond filter is a compact multi stage filtration unit combined with ultra violet light for clear and clean pond water. The Xtreme pond filters pack a big punch for such a compact unit by incorporating some of the best filtration methods and media. These pond filters are capable of achieving excellent water quality and clarity even with high fish stocks.

How does the Xtreme Max CP50 work?

  • Combined Ultra Violet Purifier – The UV clarifier built into the Xtreme Max CP50 eliminates green water and can reduce harmful pond bacteria.
  • Integrated Vortex Chamber – Using centripetal forces heavier waste solids sink while cleaner water rises up through the vertical transfer port. Waste can be flushed easily from the filter via the slide valve on the CP50.
  • Filter Brushes – The brushes in the CP50 remove heavier solids improving filter performance.
  • Biological Filter & Flocor Media – Multiple layers of foams and carbon combine to create a mass area for mechanical. Activated carbon filter foam has the added benefit of removing harmful toxins. The main chamber of the Xtreme CP50 filter is filled with Flocor media for mass biological pond filtration.

Xtreme Max CP50 Features:

  • Ultra Violet Purifier.
  • Vortex chamber.
  • Filter brushes.
  • Biological & mechanical filteration.
  • Flush valve de-sludge.

The Lotus Xtreme Max CP50 pond filter has a clear water guarantee when it is installed with the recommended equipment and is the correct size for your pond capacity.