Lotus VotTec Pod 6


Lotus VorTec Pod 6

This Lotus VorTec Pod 6 is a versatile modular pond filtration sytem. This filtration system allows you to expand at anytime by adding another pod therefore increasing the filtration capability. This filter uses mechanical, biological and bespoke filtration and features a sidevalve for easy cleaning.

Pod A – Vortec chamber for removal of heavy sediment
Pod B – Brush chamber for removal of heavy solids
Pod C – 2 x Flocor chamber mass biological filtration
Pod D – Foam and Flocor chamber for biological filtration
Pod E – Biological Foam Chamber

Oasis VorTec Pod 6 Performance

Max Pond Volume Filtration (Litres) 70000
Max Flow Rate (Litres Per hour) 20000
Outlet Size (Millimeters) 110
Inlet Size (Millimeters) 25 – 38
Filter Size (Centimeters) 65 x 60 x 80 (each pod)