55 Watt UV Replacement Bulb


55 Watt UV Replacement Bulb.

Replacement UV (Ultra Violet) Bulbs for Pond Clarifiers.

These Replacement UV Bulbs has 4 Pins at one end are the most popular range of UV Bulbs used in Pond Clarifiers. Once Installed the Replacement UV Bulb output lasts for about 6-9 months of continued use. We recommend to Replace the UV Bulbs in Spring-time to guarantee its effectiveness throughout the Summer Months. If the UV Bulb is not replaced it will cause the Pond Water to go Green in a short space of time. If this does happen, Replace the UV Bulb & the Green should start clearing within a few days.


Not sure what size of UV Bulb? Dont worry, bring in the bulb that has been taken out of the UV Clarifier.Unsure? Please Contact us