Garden lights can sometimes be very overwhelming knowing where to begin, how many lights to put in and which lighting to go for. We hope we can help with this bit of advice.

Where to start?  Lighting should be planned at the very beginning of your garden project if possible. The reasons for this is because the cables may need to run underneath your paving or flowerbeds. There is also an option of putting lights in to your paving slabs as up-lights or in to your walling. Cables are not the nicest sight running along your finished project so if they can be hid then this works best. Planning from the beginning also takes the stress away from finishing off the project as you know exactly where every light will be positioned.

Where to put your lights?  Some lights in your garden may be used for practical use and safety such as lighting up stair ways, steps and pathways. Other ideas for positioning your garden lights is up-lights for trees, ornaments and sculptures to make them focal points. If you have a water feature in your garden you may also wish to put a spot light shining upwards to emphasise the water.

It is important not to over do it with garden lights as this will take away from any features you are trying to enhance or the focal points of your garden.

We stock a range of low voltage plug and play lights. This system is extremely easy to use and there is no need for an electrician which make them even more appealing. Once you pick your lights we then work out how much cable you need and finally what size of transformer you need meaning that you only need one outlet. It couldn’t be any easier. Take a look at the video below to show you exactly how this system works. We hope this helps you when deciding how to light your garden up and finish your garden project. If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Garden Ponds Team xxx